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Hi, my name is 杨辰涛 (Yang, Chentao). The first-name means star (, chen) waves (, tao) in Chinese. I am currently a postdoc at the Department of Space, Earth and Environment of the Chalmers University of Technology since November 2021. Previously, I was an European Southern Observatory (ESO) Fellow in Chile with duties at ALMA. Check out my profile article on ESO's The Messenger.

My research interests mainly focus on observing extragalactic objects via submm/mm windows. I primarily study the molecular gas and dust contents in galaxies from the local to the high-redshift Universe. I am especially interested in water (a unique diagnostic tool of the interstellar medium). Using these molecules and dust, I would like to understand the physical and chemical processes in galaxies.

Besides being an active reviewer for journals like A&A, ApJ, PASJ, etc., I have also served as an external panel reviewer for telescopes, including HST, JWST and JCMT, as well as for funding organisations, including STFC (UK). I was also a selection committee member for the ESO (Chile) Fellow and ALMA Fellow at JAO.

Full Curriculum Vitae (CV) PDF here